How to Get Rid of PPP at Home ?

Pearly penile papule (ppp) is a male genital skin disorder which is harmless but causes slight pain during sexual activities. The white or flesh coloured dome shaped bumps form in large numbers around the corona of penis and the reason for this disease is not yet known. Though harmless, ppp causes severe psychological impact on the affected males. The disfiguration of the vital male organ causes severe embarrassment to them and on seeing the ugly bumps on their penis every day they get frustrated and develop the fear in their mind that the disease is permanent and cannot be cured.

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Moreover, on seeing the bumps girl friends or sex partners get annoyed and suspect the same papulesas STD or Warts. They refuse to share the bed with the affected male or even go to the extent of breaking the relationship. However, PPP is completely curable. Hence those who suffer due to ppp should adopt suitable methods of treatment and eliminate the bumps at the earliest so as to get back to their normal sexual life.

Though there are scientific methods of treatment for removal of ppp they are highly expensive. Moreover, the patient has to get admitted into a hospital and should undergo the embarrassment of showing his penis to the professionals. There will be a recovery period also. The treatment is very painful and can cause various side effects.

Above all, the cure may not be permanent for all. In some cases, the bumps may reappear. Laser CO2 therapy and application of Hyfrecator are the two prominent scientific treatment methods for curing ppp.

Home Remedy methods of treatment are considered as the best methods for removal of PPP. Being purely natural methods they never cause any side effects. Home remedies for ppp are found as very effective but, painless. The cost of treatment is very less and no hospitalization is needed. Patient can do the treatment himself at his home. The methods are very simple to follow and the ingredients required for the treatment are very easily available. The greatest advantage of home remedy for ppp is that the bumps are removed completely as well as permanently. The penis regains its original shape and the affected individual can have a normal sexual life in future without any problem.

Home Remedies for PPP are of 2 types:

Traditional Home Remedies :

Traditional methods of home remedy can give complete and permanent cure but, are very slow in action. Ther patient has to continue the treatment for a few months in order to get the desired results.

Removal of ppp by applying either castor oil or tea-tree oil is a typical example for traditional home remedy. The affected part is cleaned and dried and very little quantity of tea-tree oil or good quantity of castor oil is applied using cotton swabs. That part is kept uncovered. The process is repeated several times a day until all the bumps are disappeared.

Improvised Home Remedy

Those who are in search of a fast method for removal of ppp can adopt Improvised Home Remedy methods. These are as effective as well as safe as any other home remedy method but give very quick results. The bumps are removed completely within 2/3 days and the cure will be permanent.

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